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Rotary Swaging

One of our more specialised processes is Rotary Swaging. 


This process is used on the majority of our Aircraft control cable assemblies, where a joint is required between a wire rope and its machined end fitting. 


Inside the rotary swager, special dies are located at the centre specific to the component size and shape.  These are responsible for physically forming or shaping the material into the desired profile as the machine rotates. In the example of our Aerospace grade cables, the material of the end fitting is worked into the cable strands themselves. This not only gives a highly polished finish, but also creates a very strong joint. Under tensile testing, the cable itself will break before the end fitting separates. 

Brunton have 4 swaging machines onsite, and work with various material types including steel and aluminium


Size Range: 2mm to 20mm (D) x 90mm (L)

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