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Our Technology 

Our Processes

Technology - Supporting Processes

Bruntons have a range of onsite assembly fabrication and other processes, to support both our aerospace cable production and the manufacture of detail parts. This allows the site to become a ‘1 stop shop’ for customers, rather than having to manage further sub-contact processes. 


  • Grinding machines – x 4 off (max diameter 250mm)

  • Rotary & Swaging machines x 4 off  (up to  0.875” maximum)

  • Fillet Rolling machine (max diameter 20mm)

  • Fabrication Capability (manual presses and hydraulic presses for tags and brackets)

  • Cold Rolling - (up to 3m in length, Streamline wires, Floor Stays, Tie Wires)

  • Assemblies - (Riveting, Fitting Bushes, Staking Bearings, Pulleys, Bracket Assy, Con Rods)

  • CAD / CAM engineering system

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